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Elite Menus Launch

This list is just in the process of being captioned. Please stay tuned.

The do-it-yourself book purchase table.

Senator Ron Ghitter,  Karen Gainer,  CD Evans

Tibor and Lilo

Colin, Jennifer, Shelly and Steve

Marlis Schoeneman and Greg Shyba

Mrs. and Mr. Rod Love,  Kenneth Starozick

Around the bar.

The authors Lorene Shyba PhD, and Barbara Bergen

Barbara Bergen and Marin Wilson

Ron Holdsworth, Justice Connie Hunt, and Stephanie Chrumka

Susan and Willie de Wit, Judge Jim Ogle

Mrs. and Mr. Alex Rettie, Saqib and Jennifer

Judge Jim Ogle, Alan Shewchuk, Pat Bloxham

Liz LoVecchio, Justice Carole Conrad

Jana Rieger and her mother

Joseph d’Angelis and Barbara Bergen

Terra Nicolay, CD Evans,  Robert Nicolay

CD Evans, Virginia Engel, Pat Peacock

Pat Peacock and Justice Jack Major