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Edward Greenspan

Edward Greenspan on a Miscarriage of Justice

“Like all lawyers, I have alas received some guilty verdicts. Like all lawyers, I’ve been dismayed over losing. But I’ve seldom been totally perplexed by the outcome. Tom’s jury genuinely shocked me by their verdict.

“Despite what I believe to have been the wrongful conviction of an innocent man, my faith in the jury system remains, although it was severely shaken by this case. I continue to be persuaded that, on the whole, twelve ordinary men and women are far more likely to arrive at a just result than any one individual would, no matter how learned and sincere. Nor can I envisage any panel of experts or scholars bringing a greater sense of responsibility and fair play to their task, or making a more inspired guess at whether witnesses are telling the truth, than twelve honest people picked almost at random from the community.”

Excerpt from Tough Crimes: True Cases by Top Canadian Criminal Lawyers
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