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Thomas Dalby

Thomas Dalby on “The Taber School Shooting”

“The following morning, Jeff sawed off the barrel and the butt of the rifle with a hacksaw in his room. … He recalls feeling no emotion as he prepared for the shooting. He had carried with him 355 cartridges, some already packed into clips for reloading. He had left the makings of a bomb back in his room. When Jeff arrived at the school, he looked in one door and avoided being seen while he walked to the other door. Outside he checked that the gun was loaded and shot one round into the ground as a test. He then ran into the school and started to shoot randomly. He recalled someone yelling his name and that student told him to run. Jeff thought that he would be shot so he simply dropped the gun and allowed himself to be handcuffed by the town’s popular school resource police officer, Dennis Reimer, who had heard the commotion (and whom the local schools had just that day considered cutting for budgetary reasons). Jeff cried repeatedly that he was sorry as he was apprehended.”

Excerpt from Tough Crimes: True Cases by Top Canadian Criminal Lawyers
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