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John Vertes

John Vertes on the Case of Henry Innuksuk – Calgary

“Upon arrival, I immediately went to the Rankin Island Hamlet offices. I was greeted by a large throng of people including the mayor and the Council members, all of them Inuit except for one. There were Henry’s elderly father and two of his older brothers, as well as many interested community members.

“One by one, they spoke to me about Inuit traditional ways and about their concerns for Henry. The mayor said that he and every member of the Hamlet Council would be willing to act as surety and supervise Henry in the community if that would mean avoiding a jail sentence. They felt sad that they did not pay more attention to Henry in the community previously knowing his limitations. And now, they wanted to take responsibility for his future conduct.”

Excerpt from Tough Crimes: True Cases by Top Canadian Criminal Lawyers
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