Rumblesat Art From the Edge of Space


Editors/Curators: Jim Parker, Lorene Shyba, Rich Théroux, Jess Szabo

Now that the RumbleSat Art has journeyed to the edge of space and been successfully retrieved, a beautiful full-colour book is available to celebrate this accomplishment. Featured in the book are the works of every one of the over one hundred artists who created original art for the launches, along with a selection of writings by the artists. and "I Don't Know Why We Put Art in the Sky," comic by Curator Rich Théroux are featured and "We Are Not Alone," a short story by Flight Captain Jim Parker are featured.




Info about Rumblesat  

32 Pages of Full Colour photos of
art retrieved from the edge of space

Released: October 1, 2017
ISBN 978-1-988824-04-8 | LIST PRICE: $29.95

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We gratefully  acknowledge funding through the Canada Book Fund, and the Alberta Media Fund.

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