Stop Making Art and Die


By Rich Théroux


Survival Activities for Artists

Stop Making Art and Die is an activity book that makes it impossible not to succeed and flourish as an artist. Written and illustrated by Gorilla House and Rumble House founder Rich Théroux, book chapters deal not only with principles of drawing, colour, and design but venture into art theory, art philosophy, and a unique Manifesto of Inclusion. The brilliantly creative Théroux also relates a story of artists overcoming struggles and obstacles to build an artists’ Bohemia that is destroyed time and again, leaving only masterpieces in its wake.
Suitable for visual artists and aspiring artists of all types, Stop Making Art and Die encourages a deeper understanding of both artistic practice and philosophy of the artistic process. Printed on high quality, thick paper, the pages are perfect for drawing and designing with markers, gel pens, watercolours, or pencil crayons.


What they say

“Stop Making Art and Die asks big questions about creativity, fulfilment, and happiness and explores Theroux’s theories about the artistic process and what fuels that inner compulsion to pursue it.” —Eric Volmers, Calgary Herald, Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette

"Finally, an adult coloring book with actual art inside. Stop Making Art and Die is a manifesto for gorilla artists everywhere who are ready to change their relationship with art. Rich Théroux’s story pushes you, ignites something in you. It is generous, completely self-possessed, and lushly inventive—all the things an artist aspires to be. Laced with hard-won wisdom, these interactive comics are very colorable, very raw, and very cool."
—Elizabeth Hyde Stevens, author of Make Art Make Money: Lessons from Jim Henson on Fueling Your Creative Career

"This book is a gift. It’s simple and all it asks is that you engage and make art. This has been Rich Theroux’s message in all his endeavours in Calgary, and there have been many, from Gorilla House to Rumble House and beyond. It’s ok. Go ahead. Create. Really, it’s all good. So simple and so beautiful. Rich has enriched the arts scene and the lives of thousands of artists immeasurably, and this book continues his awesome legacy. Buy it, read it, live it. Rich Theroux makes the world a better place to live in." —Eugene Stickland, Novelist and Playwright

"Being creative, expansive and generative in your thinking, stretching your imagination, risk taking, making art, and living your life with all this and more in mind are the stuff of being an artist. In Stop Making Art and Die, Rich Theroux invites all of us to stay in touch with the creative impulse and our desire to live a purposeful and personally meaningful life. Theroux cleverly encourages all to revisit and nurture the spark that sustains the artists in all of us." —Vincent J. Varga, Museum Director, Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies


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Info about Stop Making Art and Die

UPROUTE Imprint of Durvile Publications
PERFORMING ARTS / Film / Direction & Production

8” x 10.75” | 208 pages

ISBN: 9780994735225 | $24.95 Canada

Book release date, 2016

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