The Tree by the Woodpile


By Raymond Yakeleya 

And Other Dene Spirit of Nature Tales

The Tree by the Woodpile, the main story in this charming book, is about a Dene First Nations boy who is told an enchanting tale by his grandmother about how a tree by the woodpile provides food and shelter for the birds and animals of the North. The story is suffused with Newet’sine, the Creator and Spirit of Nature, who brings a message of how we must to cherish our land. The Tree is written in English and Dene for middle-grade children, ages 7 to 12. Other stories in the book are “The Wolf,” and “The Mountain, the Wind, and the Wildflowers.”

What they say

“Raymond Yakeleya has spent 20 years fulfilling his grandmother’s deathbed wish that he document ‘what happened to our people.’ He is among Indigenous people ‘taking control of messaging in interesting ways’.” — Carrie Tait, Globe & Mail


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Info about the book

UPROUTE Imprint of Durvile Publications
JUV030090 Juvenile Canada / Indigenous

5.5” x 8.5” | 64 pages
Book One in the “Spirit of Nature” Series
ISBN: 9781988824031 | $16.95 Canada
e-book and audiobook versions also available
Book release date, March 21, 2018

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