Vistas of the West: Poems and Visuals of Nature


Poems and Visuals of Nature

Foreword by Doris Daley
Edited and curated by Larry Kapustka, Lorene Shyba, and Susan Kristoferson

Vistas of the West is a collection of poetry and visual art that celebrates the beauty and spirit of the Rocky Mountains, Western foothills, prairie landscapes, and the natural inhabitants of these beautiful environments 

The 34 Poets in the book are: Reneltta Arluk, Nancy Bell, Cori Brewster, Jan Burney, Neall Calvert, Doris Daley, RJJ Dallas, Kris Demeanor, Della Dickie, Steve Foote, Patricia Frolander, Karen Gimbel, DW Groethe, Trudy Grienauer, Rayanne Haines, Jonathan Locke Hart, John Wort Hannam, Barbara Janusz, Lawrence Kapustka, Susan Kristoferson, Chief R. Stacey Laforme, Neil Liske, Phil Lister, Alice Major, Janice McCrum, Pamela Medland, Doc Mehl, Chad Okrusch, BJ Smith, Eugene Stickland, Lorene Shyba, Ferdinando Spina, Neal Whitman, Erica Witbeck, and Elizabeth Yakeleya.

The 29 artists in the book are: Anna Burger-Martindale, Billie Rae Busby, Dawn Candy, Steve Coffey, Linda Cote, Cindy Delpart, Jim Etzkorn, Ken Froese, Helena Hadala, John Heerema, Brad Keys, Eveline Kolijn, Susan Kristoferson, Chester Lees, Neil Liske, Deborah Lougheed Sinclair, Jennifer Mack, Bruce Park, Julia Reimer, Tyler Rock, Erin Ross, Cindy Skrukwa, Justina Smith, Mady Thiel-Kopstein, Karin Thorsteinson, Mark Vazquez-Mackay, Verna Vogel, Sharon Lynn Williams, Simon Wroot. Calligraphy by Thea Lynn Paul.

Book readings and art exhibitions in Fall 2019 took place in Calgary, Edmonton, Turner Valley, and Banff, and more. Author and editor royalties are being donated to Days for Girls International,

Photo in banner: Brent Calver, Western Wheel "Okotoks Today"  

What they say

“Vistas of the West is a well-designed, attractive hardback that may grace the coffee table of many a western home for years to come. It would make a good gift to mail to any puzzled easterner who wants to know why westerners claim to live in a modern-day paradise.” —Sid Marty, Alberta Views
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Celebrating the beauty of Southern Alberta, Vistas of the West: Poems and Visuals of Nature has curated a selection of poems and art pieces that pay homage to the great outdoors. Vistas of the West honours the vastness of nature, especially the majesty of the Rocky Mountains and the wildlife that calls the area home.—Rocky Mountain Outlook



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Book Three in the Every River Poems Series
6” x 9” | 112 pages | Full colour
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Book release date, September 1, 2019

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