The Big Secret Book: An Intense Guide to Performance Theatre

By Denise Clarke

The Big Secret Book is a book that fascinates, motivates, and initiates creative abilities in performance creation. Written by Denise Clarke, director of One Yellow Rabbit Summer Lab Intensive, each chapter highlights aspects of the master class, guiding reader/participants through techniques that enhance performance creation skills. Through stories and sidebar case studies, The Big Secret Book is a unique way to actively understand and develop performance theatre. View samples  >>

Keywords: Performance, Theatre, Creative Process, Acting, Directing, One Yellow Rabbit

What they say

“The Lab is serious work for playful people. It is the laboratory for our art form: singular in Canada, unique in our profession, and something to be treasured.”— Peter Hinton OC, Director, Shaw Festival

“Wise words from one of Canada’s most beloved theatre practitioners.” — Clem Martini, Playwright and Educator

“Denise Clarke is not only an extraordinary artist, she is also extraordinarily generous. For more than two decades at the Summer Lab Intensive, she has enthusiastically imparted the secrets to One Yellow Rabbit’s unique and successful style of performance theatre. Her ‘big secret’ is an open secret, a big-hearted desire to have others experience the thrill and fulfillment of creation that has sustained her through a remarkable career and is palpable in the pages of this book.” — Martin Morrow, Author, Wild Theatre: The History of One Yellow Rabbit

“The words Denise shares with us are rigorous and yet playful. She knows how to tell a story which has a purpose that is both entertaining and mind-changing – life changing.”— John Murrell OC, Author and Playwright

Info about The Big Secret Book

Theater / Direction & Production
Book Five in the Artist Series
6.25” x 9” | 272 pages
Trade Paperback ISBN: 9781988824116
E-book ISBN: 9781988824123
Price $29.95 Canada
Book release date, November 1, 2018

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