Ducks Redux: Fueling Flames in Oil Land


By LM Shyba and CD Evans

A Young-Adult novel based on "5000 Dead Ducks: Lust and Revolution in the Oilsands"

In this Y/A RomCom, environmental science grad Maeve Wong goes to work for Real Rush Energy, expecting to be in the lab combating climate change. Instead, she is sent out to the oil mines camp to chase wildlife away from the oil mines Tailings Pond. An international outcry about dead ducks ensues, creating endless construction delays on the Freedom North Pipeline. The characters get swept up into staging a bogus revolution with a group of unscrupulous lawyers to banish the ‘enviro-types’ and take over the Oil Land government. One love of Maeve’s life lusts for activism and justice, the other believes in resource exploitation at all cost. She has to decide whose side she is on.

Ducks Redux is based on the 2011 novel by CD Evans and LM Shyba, 5000 Dead Ducks: Lust and Revolution in the Oilsands. Written almost a decade ago, 5000 Dead Ducks forecast pipeline construction holdups, international outcries about carbon emissions, a separatist uprising, and a even a devastating wildfire in the neighbourhood of the oil mines. This prescient story has received a mighty rewrite for young adult (Y/A) readers. Ducks Redux is now available as an e-book, an audiobook, and a limited-run print edition. View illustrations & excerpts  >>

Kicker Keywords: Humour, Pipelines, Climate Change, Separatism, CO2 Emissions, Romance, Comedy.


What they say

“It’s a green-leaning satire that takes aim at those who possess a certain unbending mindset and not much of a sense of humour when it comes to the energy sector.”

—Eric Volmers, The Calgary Herald

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Info about the book

UPROUTE Imprint of Durvile Publications
YAF052060 / Romance Comedy

6” x 9” | 208 pages | b/w illustrations
ISBN: 978-1-988824-40-6 (pbk)
9781988824475 (epub), 978-1-988824-48-2 (audio)
Price: $19.95 in Canada, $14.95 in US
Book release date, October 1, 2019
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