Excerpts of Poetry from Chasia's Enchantment

By Hilda Chasia Smith


Being in our being, we can recognize ourselves
in each other’s reflection.
Needing to love unconditionally
and needing to be loved unconditionally.
As beings of brilliance in the phenomenal field
Of un-mined greatness, humility,
in the splendour of our world here we are.
Being. This is a gift imbued by energy
Which creates universes, the divine energy
that fashions every aspect of life.

We exist in this miraculous world, together.
We have come into life to develop,
to share new stories and to
honour our ancestors.

Remember to learn from history.
Imagine new vistas out of the innocence,
compassion, intelligence, intuition, flexibility,
joy, beauty, healing, and transformation.
Yes, honouring the past and
looking into each moment
As we move into the future.

This liberation of transforming transcends.
We attend to our own being.
Being in our being and in so doing helping
all other beings.


(In Hebrew and English)

Eekh sheek deer a koosh
I Send You A Kiss

Eekh sheek deer a koosh
I send you a kiss
meet leebeh oon een fryndshuhft
with love and in friendship
doo beest azoi tyehr tsoo meer
You are so dear to me
Eekh sheek a sukh liebeh oif dem veent
glykh tzoo deer
I send you a lot of love on the wind, right to you
meet duhnkbehrshuhft glykh tzoo dyn teer
With thankfulness, right to your door
Dee teer foon dyn hartz
The door of your heart
eekh zeh ohfn oon klohr
I see open and clear
ohngefeelt meet dyn hartzeekeit
Filled with your heartfulness
tahkeh frynd, yohr eebehr yohr
Really friend, year after year.
blyb gebehntcht oon blyb gezoont
Stay blessed and stay healthy
meet shmaichlen oif dyneh leepn
With smiles on your lips
Eekh sheek deer a koosh
meet leebeh oon een fryndshuhft
I send you a kiss
with love and in friendship
myn frynd
My friend
mineh frynd
My friends
myneh keendehr, myn fameelieh, myneh ainiklehkh
My children, my family, my grandchildren
oon ahlleh mentchn een dehr velt!
And all the people in the world
Meet leebeh, een fryndshuhft, myn frynd, myneh keendehr, myn fameelieh, myneh ainiklehkh
oon ahlleh mentchn een deur velt! bleibt shehfehdeek een neshomeh, hartzeek meet
With love and in friendship, my friend,
my children, my family, my grandchildren,
and all the people in the world.
Stay abundant in soul, heartful with hope
eech sheek deer a koosh
I send you a kiss

Namaste, Shalom



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