Chasia's Enchantment:  Meditations, Poems, Inspirations

By Hilda Chasia Smith


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“Hilda Chasia Smith exemplifies all the spiritual qualities of a limitless soul — great intelligence, love, and compassion in all of her words and actions. The atmosphere Hilda generates is like heaven on Earth, as if a goddess from Above chose to walk and teach among us. One would do very well to learn meditation and spirituality from Hilda Chasia Smith.”
— Rabbi Alan Green 

Drawing upon wisdom and teachings of the Torah, yoga, and her own virtuosity for living a peaceful life, Hilda Chasia Smith's guided meditations and inspirational words take us on journeys of calmness and joy. From yoga come essences of breath, mindfulness, and inner peace. From teachings of the Torah and Kabbala come kindness, compassion, humility, and self-respect. These motifs work together with love to immerse us into the enchanted world of Hilda Chasia Smith.

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