Poetry and Visuals from Umbilicus

Visuals by Johanna Stickland; Poetry by Carrie Schiffler


Sarah saw shorebirds at the seashore and she cried
For the wings she wished she had
They skidded in to the bay full of purpose
Tiny faces intent
On guard
Bodies strutting like teenagers on the first day back to school
Awkward on the shifting sand
Graceful only when high
How she longed to soar with her feathered family
trusting the wind to carry her weightless
She knew how it felt to fly.
She flew in her dreams nightly orbiting vistas
The patchwork quilt of countrysides
the heavy metal machinations of cities
And the suburbs boring boxes
She was above it all
She knew how it felt to fly.
Unlike a child who doesn’t want to sleep,
Sarah wished to never wake up.


My thong is all wrong
It lost its snap fourteen washes ago
An attempt to slingshot it across the room
Lands it at my feet
Next to the cat food
The still life of spent underwear and tender vittles
Title: Feed the pussy
Always feed her first.
Back in the day when I was up for play
I couldn’t go commando
My youth juice gave me away
Every time
The tell-tale snail trail
Leading Hansel to Gretel
clear, odourless
And blush-worthy
Like this poem.
And my sex life almost done
It’s been a good run
With heart lifted skywards
Chest flesh draws downwards
Grateful the babies are grown
And my honey is an ass man
These once perky puppies
Are dog tired
Rest well tired tits
Your work here is done.

We gratefully  acknowledge funding through the Canada Book Fund, and the Alberta Media Fund.


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