Chasia's Enchantment:
Guided Meditation & Inspirational Spoken Words

By Hilda Chasia Smith

Drawing upon wisdom and teachings of the Torah, Pranayama yoga, and her own virtuosity for living a peaceful life, Hilda Chasia Smith's guided mediatations and inspirational poetry bring joy and peacefulness. From Pranayama, essences of breath, calmness, and inner peace emerge.  From the Torah and Kabbala, we experience themes of  kindness, compassion, humility, and self-respect. These motifs working together with love immerse us into the enchanted world of Hilda Chasia Smith. Release date of the audiobook is January 1, 2021. Enjoy a guided meditation >>

Keywords: Mediation, Guided Imagery, Judaism, Pranayama, Yoga, Hebrew, Yiddish, Canada, Torah

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