No Harm Done: Three Plays about Medical Conditions  

By Eugene Stickland

with Dagmar Jamieson, Crystal Phillips, Dr. Sherry Dupuis, Dr. Pia Kontos, Dr. Christine Jonas-Simpson, Dr. Julia Gray, Dr. William Stell, Dr. Yves Sauvé, and Dr. Bin Hu.

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“No Harm Done is very timely and is a valuable asset as we pursue the synthesis of art and medicine.”
—­ DR. BIN HU, Suter Professor for Parkinson’s Research
“As playwright, dramaturge and teacher, Eugene Stickland is profound, poignant and deeply human; always surprising us with his uniquely comic view of the world.”
—­ JOE NORMAN-SHAW, Director, Company of Rogues Actors Studio/Rogues Theatre

No Harm Done contains the text of three short plays, each an exploration of some aspect of a disease. They are: Closer and Closer Apart, Alzheimer’s Disease; Fade to Light, Stargardt, a form of blindness; and The Last Dance, Parkinson Disease. The first section of the book contains the plays themselves and Stickland’s introductions to them, supplemented by commentaries by experts in the medical field. The second section is a guide to playwriting based on teachings the author has been engaged in for decades. This section also includes a how-to approach to writing a play for a specific cause or event. The book will be of interest not only to theatre practitioners and students of playwriting, but to students and professionals (doctors, caregivers, therapists, etc.) in the medical field as well.

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ISBN: 978-1-988824-70-3 (Trade Paperback)
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Release date, October 1, 2021
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