Benched: Passion for Law Reform


By Nancy Morrison
Foreword by Stevie Cameron

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Lawyer • Arbitrator • Judge • Political Activist • Feminist

Fifty years in a law profession she loves, twenty-four spent as a judge, Nancy Morrison is a story-teller and trail-blazer. Entertaining, at times warm and witty, this memoir also reminds us of dark times, of the ever-relevant social and political issues of the day, the need for law reform. Here is a life that was never dull, including the twenty-four years Nancy shared with actor Bruno Gerussi.

Benched is a must-read for members of the law profession, written by one of their own, and for students who may be considering Law as a career. In addition, for women and other minorities, the book is a reminder of our history, when today’s rights were not a given.

What they say

“Nancy comes from an interesting background, not only in practicing law but being interested in social justice. Her great ability is understanding and describing how and why people behave as they do.“
— Hon. Anne Rowles, former judge of the
B.C. Supreme Court and the B.C. Court of Appeal

“I never had to appear before Judge Morrison and I would like to keep it that way. Benched is a truly fascinating book — a must read — Nancy made me say that or face solitary.” —Vicki Gabareau

“Nancy’s memoir provides insightful observations on human nature, law, as well as cases and causes in which Nancy was involved, or led the way. A fascinating read.” — Hon. Patrick LeSage, former Chief Justice of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice

Info about Benched

Lawyers & Judges
6” x 9” | 352 pages | b/w photographs

ISBN: ISBN: 9781988824130 (pbk)
Price: $35.00 in Canada, $29.95 in US
Release date, November 1, 2018

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